Casey Greenwood; Founder
I began restricting my meals when I was 14 years old to as low as 300 calories per day. However, I would soon feel so ashamed of what I had done to myself that I would profusely overeat for days afterward. As I grew older, anxiety and depression seemed to take over my life, forbidding me from pursuing things that I used to love and causing me to withdraw from and grow bitter toward people that I used to love. This cycle of restricting, binging, and self-shaming repeated for over 6 years.
I knew nothing about skin care growing up and only began taking interest in it as a vain desire to look more like the beautiful celebrities I obsessed over on the internet. But what I discovered was something I never would have predicted. In caring for myself and my skin, I began to recognize and take pride in my unique and natural beauty. I began to use makeup to amplify, not cover up, these natural qualities. As I attended counseling for my mental illness and eating disorder and became more self-aware, I began to allow myself to exist without apologizing for it every day.
The idea for CareBare Beauty Blog came from my respect and empathy toward those battling with mental illness and my belief that love and humor are the most powerful remedies for the treatment of these issues. My wish is that I can inspire these warriors to begin the never-ending journey of self-love and acceptance, and help them to transform their skin and makeup habits along the way!