• Self-Love

    How to Change Bad Habits Into Good Ones in 3 Steps

    Maybe you feel that you are starting too late. Maybe the whole idea is so overwhelming and you have no idea where to even start, so you think “what’s the point?” Let me make one thing clear: if you want to see change in your life in some way, there is no better time to start than RIGHT NOW. I used to have a bad habit of thinking “I’ll start on Sunday,” or “I’ll start next month,” or some other typical beginning-marker. But seriously, why does it matter so much to some of us that we start at a fresh week or a fresh month or a fresh year? Why…

  • Self-Love

    Why You’re Not Ugly (and How to Stop Believing That You Are)

    If I told you you’re beautiful, you probably wouldn’t believe me, right? Why is that so? Why do we reject compliments when we receive them? You’re probably thinking “Oh, they’re just being nice,” or “Well I don’t see it, so it must not be true.” STOP RIGHT THERE, BUDDY. What makes you believe that your negative opinion of yourself is the truth? WHAT IF you actually considered that the complimentor’s opinion might actually be valid? First of all, I need you to understand three things: fact, belief, and irrational belief. Fact is cold, hard truth that is inarguable. Belief is simply that; an opinion. Beliefs can change based on experience and…


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